Objects of the Forest

Welcome to the OBJECTS OF THE FOREST online exhibition.

In the next screen you will find a row of 12 objects. Chose any object, click and explore it as you please: by zooming in the high-resolution pictures, reading the descriptions, checking the objects' original context and rotating 3D models of some of them.

In the bottom, under TIMELINE you can follow the development of Objects of the Forest throughout the years. Inside MAP you will find where the exhibited objects were found. You can also read TEXTS related to the project and find our CONTACT AND CREDITS.

For a better experience use your laptop or desktop computer.


The objects on the show were collected during a design expedition in the Amazon Rainforest in 2012, and since then the project Objects of the Forest has been spread in multiple ways. The present virtual exhibition was made possible by a grant from Taike – Arts Promotion Centre Finland, and takes the project to a whole new dimension.

In these unprecedented pandemic times, the limitations and stress that come with the challenges we face happen to be a valuable opportunity to review the processes, findings and discussions exposed by Objects of the Forest.

The artifacts exhibited reveal possibilities that nature offers to contemporary society in general, and to design in particular. By maximizing the resources available in digital format, the exhibition provides interactive and comprehensive access to the object’s textures, shapes and uses, and the contexts that best inform each one.

Professors, curators and other professionals who collaborated with Objects of the Forest at some point in the recent past participated with texts exclusive to this online presentation. Their points of view show that the project has many layers of understanding, and even after 9 years from its conception, Objects of the Forest can still serve as inspiration and a call for action.

We hope you enjoy the journey.

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