Objects of the Forest

MATERIAL: Fruit of the tree called Cuia-de-Macaco (Cuia-of-Monkey).

TECHNIQUE: Harvest/appropriation of the fruit.

USE: the “box” of seeds is used as a puzzle and for decorative purposes.



    This object is actually a “box” of seeds. It is the fruit of the tree called Cuia-de-Macaco (Cuia-of-Monkey). It hangs on a tree that grows on the river bank, and, when the “lid” of the fruit falls off, the nail-shaped seeds trapped inside the “box” are scattered around and dispersed by the flowing waters.

    Since its shape is so intriguing, the fruit is used by people to turn into decorative and even playful objects, taking advantage of the organization of the seeds inside the “box”, which look like a perfect puzzle.

    • Different kinds of cuias, with diverse shapes, hang from Amazonian trees.

    • A natural container.

    • The shape of each seed is unique and fits inside the bowl in a specific position.

  • 3D


Tipiti Squeezer