Objects of the Forest

MATERIAL: It is found in palm trees like the Inajá and Babaçu. It protects its flowers and fruits.

TECHNIQUE: Harvest/ appropriation. It becomes stiff after dried in the sun.

USE: Receptacle that can be used as a fruit bowl or vase. Also used as a swing or cradle for children.

Spathe of Palm Tree


    The object consists in the appropriation of a part of the palm tree whose function is to protect flowers and fruits. It is called spathe or bract, and it resembles a large modified leave. It is found in palm trees like the Inajá and Babaçu. When it falls from the tree and dries, it becomes stiff and can be used by people.

    This is an extremely versatile natural shape, able to generate movement and suitable for several uses when appropriated: as a fruit bowl or receptacle, a decorative object or even as a swing or cradle for children. These are customs inherited from indigenous cultures.

    • The spathes, present in some palm trees, are like recipients that safeguard flowers and fruits.

    • Drawing of a spathe found in Flora Brasiliensis’ book.

    • The shape of this spathe can cause movement, being used by indians as a cradle for their children.

    • Inajá is a palm with a long and closed spathe, resistant enough to serve as a vase without decomposing.

    • The Inajá drawing details found in Flora Brasiliensis.

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Objects of the Florest